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AI Indoor Cameras

Discover the future of home security with our XNUTSHELL®️ AI-powered indoor wireless camera CK1. Featuring MagicPix, on-device AI identification for humans and pets. Perfect for smart homes and pet care. Your peace of mind, reimagined.


AI Outdoor Cameras

XNUTSHELL®️ AI security camera CG6. Explore our top picks for outdoor, wireless, and budget-friendly security cameras to ensure your property’s safety. Choose the best one for your specific requirements.


AI Birdfeeder Cameras

XNUTSHELL®️ AI bird feeder. Discover the perfect AI bird feeder to attract and observe fascinating avian species. Enhance your bird-watching experience with advanced features, including automated feeding, real-time bird identification, and remote monitoring. Get closer to nature today!


AI Video doorbell

XNUTSHELL®️ AI video doorbell DB1. Upgrade with advanced features like real-time video monitoring, two-way audio communication, and intelligent AI detection. Enhance doorstep protection and enjoy peace of mind. You can see and interact with visitors from anywhere. Easy to install and support Alexa.


AI PTZ Indoor Cameras

XNUTSHELL®️ AI wireless PTZ camera X08. Experience enhanced security and pet care with AI technology. Stay vigilant with advanced features like dog|cat behavior identification, real-time motion detection, two-way audio, and motion tracking. Protect your space effortlessly.


AI PTZ Outdoor Cameras

XNUTSHELL®️ AI wireless battery PTZ camera CQ1.
Uncover the key features of security cameras, such as night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio, to find the ideal camera that meets your surveillance needs with AI features in Vicohome which support iOS&Android.


AI Bullet Cameras

XNUTSHELL®️ AI wireless battery bullet camera CG7. Experience advanced surveillance with AI-powered security wireless battery bullet camera. Capture HD footage, enjoy hassle-free installation, and benefit from the convenience of wireless connectivity. Monitor your property with peace of mind.


Solar panel

Power your XNUTSHELL®️ AI battery camera and bird feeder with the cutting-edge solar panel. Harness the sun’s energy for uninterrupted performance. Boost your home security and outdoor experience with this versatile solar solution. Get yours today!

The XNUTSHELL®️ AI camera transformed our home security. Crystal-clear footage and seamless integration with smart devices. Highly recommend!

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